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Scott is a New Jersey native. He began drawing at the age of four and building models at the age of eight. He was inspired by the older boys in his neighborhood, and by the airing of “Star Trek” on TV. The models used in the TV series were very clean with limited detail. This new technique in model making stimulated passion in an 8-year-old kid. After graduating from high school with Honors in Art, he attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia where he sharpened his skills and learned illustration and airbrushing techniques. Scott became the premiere airbrush artist for Jumpeer Nails, Inc. Introducing air brushed nail art to the East Coast. Yet he never forgot his passion for model making. In recent years he's been recognized as a profound model maker and airbrush artist capturing the very essence of his subjects. He was interviewed and his models were photographed for the Holiday 2016 Edition of the Fine Scale Modeler Experts Guide to Super Detailing All-New Builds from world class modelers magazine (see article to right). In 2018, three of his original designed models were rented for the movie Rampage to be used as a part of the set design. As well as being a Special Guest at the ConQuest 49 Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, MO.

After serving a four year tour in the U.S. Army, Scott started a career as a professional model maker. He has won numerous awards in the US and Canada, at various shows like Wonderfest and IPMS Regional shows. In his previous position he worked for an architectural firm where he built architectural models for projects worldwide (i.e...China, India, South Korea, USA, etc.) just to name a few. Model making and sculpting has always been a passion of his. His ultimate goal is to bring to the world of art and sculpting a new soul steering form of graphics that will earn him a place among the top artist in the world.  

DRAWING INSPIRATION from the artwork of Ian McQue, Scott scratch built three 1/160 scale sky boats in traffic. The hulls were vacuum-formed with styrene using masters carved from urethane foam. “I carve the foam with just about anything that will work”, says Scott. “The foam is the 10-pound-density type – hard enough to carve and sand, yet very workable.”

He uses clay sculpting tools and hobby knives to carve, and ballpoint pens for scoring the surface; pretty much anything with a hard, clean edge will work, he says. The foam withstands the heat of vacuum-forming and allows for a variety of shapes. “I can go as organic as I want”, he says. He scratch builds some details, but kit parts supply many greeblies.

“It usually takes about a week or two to come up with a design that I like and then carve the master,” he says. “But depending on the level of detail and size (of the model) I can complete one in about two or three weeks, start to finish. I love sci-fi hardware in all its forms!” FSM